Dangerous New Bath Salt Drug Like a Combination of Crystal Meth and PCP

by Brian on September 27, 2011

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As if the war on drugs of already existing drugs weren’t enough now there is worry about synthetic drugs that are legal and readily available throughout the country. The newest drug that is quickly gaining national attention is known as “bath salt”. It is also marketed as Tranquility, Blue Silk, and Eight Ballz and even comes with a spoon so the synthetic drug can be snorted.

This dangerous drug is putting people in psychotic states. It has been compared to some by taking crystal meth immediately followed by PCP.

Individuals who abuse these “bath salts” may stay awake for days causing paranoid schizophrenia. The number of emergency visits as a result of abusing this drug is growing rapidly.

It is a very affordable drug as 25-$30 worth can last a few days. In 2010 the 57 poison centers located around the country received 303 calls related to “bath salts”. In 2010 there have already been over 4 thousand calls.

Individuals who abuse “bath salts” easily become agitated, paranoid, delusional and violent. This mixed with the fact that it can cause a person to have a large amount of strength can be very dangerous to themselves and others.

The drug “bath salts” gets its name because it literally looks like bath salt. According to the DEA the main ingredients in it are methylenedioxprovalerone otherwise known as mephedrone or mephylone.

This synthetic drug is causing such alarm that that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is implementing a one-year nationwide ban that is going into effect next month.