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Alcohol Addiction

Substance addiction is medically defined as a disease of the body and brain. A person who drinks alcohol is not necessarily an alcoholic, but a person who must drink to stave off withdrawal symptoms, and who continues to drink despite regular, negative consequences because of his or her drinking may be an alcoholic.

Drug Addiction

Once drugs enter the blood stream and the brain, normal bodily functions are changed. It is known as a disease because of the alterations to the brain and because of the body’s need for the drugs. After the initial choice to use drugs voluntarily, the body takes over and needs the drug to maintain a drug induced state - without the drug, withdrawal symptoms begin.

Dual Diagnosis

When a person suffers from a mental health disorder, such as depression, and uses drugs and/or alcohol as well, the condition is known as dual diagnosed. Co-occurring disorders must be treated concurrently or each condition will worsen.

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